Thorough, Professional and Caring

Barbara called in to see if she could get support as she was living in sheltered accommodation, paying full rent and council tax and was facing financial difficulty. On visiting we discovered Barbara had cancer, severe weight loss and dietary challenges requiring regular hospital visits to Chelmsford.

Assessing the whole situation we recommended applying for Attendance Allowance, Housing Allowance Benefit and Council Tax Support to help with growing costs. As a result Barbara was awarded £83.10 a week Attendance Allowance, £90 a week Housing Benefit, £90 a week and Council Tax Support of £15 a week. All of this totalled £9781.20 more income a year.

Feedback “Debbie who cam to help me is a credit to your organisation and I could never thank her enough. She is very thorough and professional and caring of my individual needs both financially and physically. It is her success that has given me peace of mind. Thank You.”