Vanessa Loaiza

Research Trustee

My research focuses primarily on the intersection between working memory and long-term episodic memory. I have investigated how working memory and long-term memory factors interact with one another to promote immediate recall from working memory as well as give rise to conscious recollection in episodic memory. Furthermore, I am very interested in how processes underlying working memory change or remain intact with age, and how these processes are important to working memory as a predictor of age-related variability in higher-order cognition, especially episodic memory. I use a combination of experimental and individual differences methods to investigate working memory functioning, as well as a variety of empirical designs to disentangle key processes underlying episodic memory. I am also interested in the role of working memory in executive functioning and fluid intelligence. In general, I am interested in the factors that underlie complex cognition.

Vanessa is our link to Research for the Charity and is heading up a large research project with Age Concern and Christie’s Care in the Home with other colleagues in the University.