Creating a dementia friendly generation

School aged children can now learn more about dementia through the Healthy Schools Programme.

One in three young people know someone living with dementia. This could be a grandparent, parent, family member or family friend. It’s why it is important that every young person understands what dementia is and how it might affect someone.

The Healthy Schools Programme aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the whole school and includes topics such as healthy eating, exercise, and mental health. Schools meeting the criteria can nominate themselves for a Healthy Schools Award. The programme now includes dementia project related activities. This ensures that younger generations can learn more about dementia from an early age.

As life expectancy rises, there will be more cases of dementia, especially in older people. The condition can be a difficult subject for children and young people to understand and talk about. This initiative will give children and young people an insight into why a relation or neighbour may be acting in a particular way.”

It is hoped that the programme will help to develop dementia friendly communities for the future.