Are you affected by rising energy costs?

From 1st October the domestic energy price cap rose by 12% (a cap on the unit price of energy based on typical usage) which will mean a rise in the cost of energy for most households.
With a further increase likely in April 2022 and increased pressures on household budgets, our Advice Service are working in partnership with other organisations across North-East Essex to support people in later years to manage the impact of these changes.

So, what can you do to reduce these impacts?

Previous advice has often guided people towards switching energy providers or tariffs, though right now the general advice is to avoid switching as it is likely that the capped rate you currently have will be the cheapest one available. Martin Lewis’ website has some useful current guidance regarding this.

Check your income levels

You can check that you are receiving the right income benefits and entitlements by contacting our Advice Service on 01206 368420. You may be entitled to receive some additional assistance to meet the needs of a long-term health issue or disability or for an income increase through Pension Credits.

Warm Homes Discount Scheme

If you are receiving the Guaranteed Credit element of Pension Credit or are receiving a low income and meet your energy suppliers’ criteria for the scheme, you may be eligible for a discount on your electricity bill of £140 under the Warm Homes Discount Scheme. Contact your energy supplier to check.

Priority Services Register

If you have reached State Retirement age or in a vulnerable situation through ill health, disability, or additional needs, you can ask your energy supplier to add you to their priority services register. This will ensure that you receive additional services to support your needs. Contact your energy supplier to register.

Emergency Pandemic rules mean that your energy supply won’t be disconnected if you are struggling to pay your bills, though you will need to get in touch with your energy supplier to let them know if you are having trouble paying your bills.
To access a benefit check or advice regarding issues relating to energy costs, please contact our Advice Service on 01206 368420.