£10,000 MUST be won on Friday 22nd January with make a smile lottery

£10,000 MUST be won on Friday 22nd January with make a smile lottery

2021 will be off to a good start for one lucky person playing make a smile lottery, as the rollover jackpot reaches the maximum amount of £10,000 on the Friday 22nd January draw and somebody MUST win the guaranteed prize of £10,000! 

Existing players of the lottery or brand new players can try their luck at winning this epic prize or the other 51 weekly prizes ranging from £10 to £1,000 by purchasing one-off single tickets into the draw at just £1 each. If you already play these new numbers will be entered into the draw in addition to your regular numbers boosting your chances of winning. 

The excitement has been building over the last few weeks as the rollover jackpot has increased by £250 each week it was not won, creeping nearer and nearer to the £10,000 milestone.

This is the first time the jackpot has reached this amount since the make a smile lottery draw launched in October 2017. In fact, the highest it has ever reached previously, was £6,250.

Sally Thomas, Lottery Marketing Manager, said: “We are so excited to be giving away the largest ever jackpot in our rollover draw. £10,000 is such a significant sum of money and given the country is still in lockdown it will certainly make someone’s year! Single tickets makes it so much easier to have a little flutter whilst supporting a fantastic cause without the commitment of a regular payment.

She went on to say “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal lottery players for your continued support, what you do each week by playing the lottery is very special, you are helping those in need of support in your local community. Best of luck to all of our lottery players for this very special draw.”

Be sure to nominate Age Concern Colchester & NE Essex when you enter before Thursday 22nd January. There is so much we need to do to support later years who are vulnerable and need our help through advice, befriending and emotional support.

make a smile lottery is a weekly fundraising draw proud to support a number of much-loved local charities across Great Britain. There are currently over 20,000 plays in the draw with over £140,000 paid out in prize money so far to those players.

To get your single tickets at just £1 each, enter before 9am Thursday to ensure you are in the milestone draw. If you miss the deadline your numbers will be entered in the draw the following week. Players must be 16 or over.