Good News Stories From Age Concern Colchester & NE Essex (1)

We are delighted to share with you some good news stories we have gathered volunteering and doing our work supporting later years in NE Essex. First up, two befriending stories both from the point of view of volunteer befriender – Gemma and befriended – Doreen.

Good News Stories January 2021 

Happy New Year to you Let’s face it, the bar is set quite low, but I’m sure we will HAPPY NEW YEAR raise it higher and higher as 2021 progresses… In the week before Christmas, I found myself trawling the Befriending case studies for material to help me back up various applications I have planned, I came across this from a client Doreen… 

Wenuna usually calls about twice a week and I really appreciate her calls very much indeed. We get along beautifully, and she is an absolute treasure. 

I’m really interested in what’s she doing as well (studying Speech and Language at Essex University) and I really hope she’ll be able to come and see me again soon.’ 

Then, from Gemma… 

‘I have absolutely loved my befriending role with Age Concern Colchester, and I am so happy that the team paired me with Doreen. We get on extremely well and never run out of things to talk about. 

I love hearing about her life, particularly her time as a young girl during World War and what she is currently getting up to in her garden! We have developed such a good relationship over the last 7 months and I always look forward to speaking to her. It has been a difficult time for everyone since the COVID49 pandemic started, and I am grateful that Doreen and I are able to share the positives out of life together twice a week. As we have only been able to meet face4olace once (with a mask and socially distanced of course!), I am excited for when the time comes that we can see each other properly and have a cup of tea and some cake together!’ 

Let’s hope that time comes soon for both of them and all the other volunteers and clients who are yet to meet facestoeface.