Remembrance Sunday Arrangements Across NE Essex

We know many of you will be wondering how to commemorate Remembrance Sunday this year as lockdown restrictions are in force across the county. We have gathered together some useful information ahead of Remembrance Sunday around NE Essex.

If there is any day of the year where we remember those who have made sacrifices or jeapodised their personal safety to increase the future chances of peace and collaboration, Remembrance Sunday symbolises so much we can be grateful for. The spirit of dedication from those who were asked to put their lives on hold in service to the country has stayed with us, thankfully passed down by those who lived through the hardships of war and on into our present elderly community. Plenty will be able to recall the immediate aftermath of WWII and even friends, families and relatives coming back from war also the hardships that were endured by their parents throughout. We see this same spirit in our community today as many of those in later years have been making an impact during the pandemic by volunteering and giving their time to help others.

As we cannot congregate this year to remember our fallen, many of us will be doing it individually or with our households during the 2 minute silence today and on Armistice day November 11th. Although in 2020 we are faced with a pandemic where again our freedom and our way of life are under threat, this time by an invisible opponent, similar sacrifices are being made by key workers, teachers and our tireless medical profession working in service to the public so our sense of indebtedness to those who have lost their lives in wartime is as strong now as it ever was.

We at Age Concern Colchester & NE Essex would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to those who during wartime have bravely risked or given their life defending those who can’t, also in times of peace to the selfless members of our communities who have given over their time with devotion, reaching out and supporting the most vulnerable in our society every day – we remember you.