Elderly Shoebox Christmas Appeal Colchester

Do you have someone in mind who you would love to give a smile to this Christmas? Alice Simpson has set up the Elderly Shoebox Christmas Appeal with you in mind.

If you –

  • know of a person that would like to receive a Christmas box
  • can donate any items
  • are a business that would like to get involved
  • able to put a box together

Please do get in touch on her appeal FB page:

She would like Children (& adults) to make Christmas cards and pictures to pop in the boxes too!!! Something hand made is always appreciated!!

Alice says – “I thought of my Nana, who is no longer with us. If she was on her own and gone through this year without seeing people I would like someone to make her smile at Christmas!”

If you are looking for ideas for box and shoe box contents, how about the following?

Sweets (+diabetic) Chocolate Biscuits
Puzzle books
Art materials
Wheat warmers
Coffee sachets
Wooden brain teasers
Bars of soap
Shaving brush
Hand written poem
Christmas pictures
Handmade Christmas cards
Sensory items
Colouring book
Hand cream
Face mask
Slipper socks
Glasses wipes
Blank cards + stamp
Hot chocolate sachets