National Hate Crime Awareness Week 10th – 17th October

The 10th October to 17th October is National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

Hate crime in Essex has risen this year. Essex Police recorded 366 (12%) more hate crimes in the 12 months to July 2020 than in the previous 12 months. Cases spiked from April onwards, during and after lockdown. The figures include a 17.7% increase in reported hate crime against people who identify as ‘Black African’ or Black Other’ (65 more offences) and a 21.1% increase in crimes against people who identify as Asian or Chinese (78 more offences).

Hate crime can take many forms including: 

•            Threat of or actual assault 

•            Verbal abuse 

•            Inciting others to commit hate crime 

•            Intimidating behaviour or harassment, including online 

•            Damage to property, including arson 

•            Offensive leaflets, posters or graffiti.  

It is very important to report hate crimes or hate incidents that we experience or witness. Reporting helps you get the support you need if you have been the victim of a hate crime or hate incident. It also helps stop it happening to other people.

You can report incidents to Essex Police by calling 999 in an emergency, 101 if it is not an emergency or online at:

If you do not want to report to the police, you can report anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 or seek advice and support from any of the local Hate Crime Reporting Centres listed on Essex Police’s website or visit: 

•  Essex Victim Support by calling 0808 1781 694

•  Tell MAMA A national project supporting victims of anti-Muslim hate and monitoring anti-Muslim incidents.

•  Community Security Trust (CST) A charity protecting British Jews from antisemitism and related threats.

•  Galop A national charity providing advice and support to members of the LGBT community.

Some Useful Leaflets: –