Tips on Preparing for Big Changes in Later Years

So often in later years a negative ‘change‘ in circumstances is often disconcerting but along a bumpy road there is a risk of a breakdown in health with subsequent physical and mental consequences as sometimes change will occur suddenly, maybe as a shock. Some of the following issues are often acknowledged by health professionals as exacerbated by significant life changing events.

  • Bereavement and Grief – Possibly when a close friend, loved one or relative dies.
  • Isolation – Due to mobility problems developing or when close family moves away so someone living on their own might lack support.
  • Poor Health – After a recent illness, accident or recovering from an operation.
  • Poor Standards of Living or Poverty – As a consequence of a change in monetary status.
  • Conflict with Others – Causing stress and anxiety.

Change is an inevitable part of being alive and the key is in the preparation for what life has in store for us by keeping oneself in good condition as best you can when you are in later years. The following advice may be considered and you can click on the buttons to obtain useful information about each suggestion.

1. Watch what you eat and drink

2. Look after your teeth

3. Stay active – physical activity

4. Make the most of your doctor

5. Get a vitamin boost

6. Take care of your feet

7. Sort out your sleep regime

8. Take any medical tests offered by your GP

9. Stay in touch – Strengthening social networks helps – Maintaining social interaction

10. Give up smoking