Faith Committee Update: Remembering Loved Ones – Share Your Story

Remembering loved ones

The pandemic has prevented many people from mourning and remembering loved ones in the usual ways. There are other ways to do so.

You can remember somebody who has died in Essex at This national book of remembrance is open to people of any religious faith or none. It is a space to remember anybody who has died in the UK as a result of the pandemic, whether they had COVID-19 or not.

See ECC’s funerals and mourning web page for other ways to remember those who have died.

Share your story or help find others who can

Can you help spread coronavirus safety messages by taking part in short videos and media activity? Do you know others who could? Contact [email protected] as soon as possible for more information or to volunteer. We are looking for volunteers for three campaigns:

1.       Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people to shoot short videos giving key messages and answering common questions. We seek a mix of people that others in the community will recognise and listen to, or who work with the public. Examples are faith leaders, GPs, taxi drivers, shopkeepers, care workers, barbers or hairdressers. 

2.       People to reinforce coronavirus safety messages to young people and those in urban centres. Do you have a story to tell about why coronavirus safety is important to you? Or are you someone with standing in your community who others listen to? We may share videos and stories between these campaigns, with participants’ permission.

3.       Volunteers to share their journeys to better health. This is for a campaign to inspire Essex residents to get fighting fit for winter. Do you want to get out of lockdown lethargy or get more active and lose some weight? Have you found it hard to get motivated to start or stay active? BAME, older and overweight volunteers, or people with health conditions are particularly welcome. They can inspire others like themselves.