Collaboration with St Helena on Bereavement Support

With time and resources under pressure, we work best together to get things done, so we’re working alongside St Helena Bereavement Service to offer you faster, more efficient access to support- including access to professional bereavement counselling for anyone in need. This helps us to add quality, efficiency and a personal touch, whilst supporting those who are already doing a great job. 

Our combined services are working together to:

  • offer immediate support to local families in need
  • recruit more qualified counsellors for St Helena Bereavement Service
  • refer those who contact us in need of specialist counselling for help

Want to help?

We need more skilled professionals to add to the banks of volunteer counsellors available so that support can be made available to everyone who needs it when they need it.

Do you have the qualifications, experience and membership to become a Volunteer Counsellor? Call our Support Line on 01206 368420 option 2 or click the button to apply: