How Are You Feeling Now?

Stay Alert

Over the last few months we all have our own individual stories to tell about the COVID19 pandemic and our journey through lockdown, which has stirred up a variety of emotions like anger and frustration while others have been determined to remain hopeful.

As lockdown circumstances begin to change we know people are struggling to figure out what will their next step into the wider world, while others are simply not ready to think about the future yet and are waiting for further developments, but both are all ok. There are no right or wrong ways to feel at the moment. However, being considerate to what others think and their own experiences are what communities do best. Kindness is something we can best apply both to ourselves and others in any situation during this uncertain time as lockdown measures are being lifted.

Over the next few weeks as lockdown eases a little, stay tuned for a series of questions about your current situation so keep an eye on social media. Below you will also see the links for you to answer.

Question 1: What would be your approach to easing the lockdown?

Question 2: If you are over 65 how much support do you need to be as independent as possible at home?

Question 3: What issues make you most anxious at the moment?