3030 Essex Movement Challenge

Are you ready to join the 3030 Essex movement?

They are asking everyone in Essex to move more this June! All you need to do is make sure you move for at least 30 minutes for every day of the month!

There are no distances to run, no targets to beat and no calories to burn.

This is 30 minutes of movement, your way: https://www.3030essex.com

This year they want you to MOVE. Life may have made you more sedentary and less mobile, or less motivated because we are at home more than we were. Use June as the motivation to move. Get up and move around more, get those steps up, try an online workout or dust of your bike and head out for a bike ride. We’ve got some great ideas to get you through the month and we want you to join the journey with us.
3030 Essex is a great way to begin or refresh your journey to getting more physically active.
No challenges to complete, no distances to run, no targets to beat – just 30 minutes of movement for the 30 days of June – your way!

Choose a way to get involved below! Or even better, do them all!
1 – Follow them on the @3030Essex FacebookInstagram & Twitter for updates and inspirations!

2- Join the closed Facebook group and become part of the 3030 family. You will be able to share ideas, make friends and be inspired! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1296274873902868/

3 – Pop in your email address below to get exclusive details and a resource pack to keep you going through June!