A Tribute to the Courage of all Carers across Essex

Personal carers both in residential settings and within the community are selflessly supporting the later years communities and bear some of the biggest strains on health in society while COVID-19 is still a threat to life. The Office for National Statistics state they are more at risk from contracting the virus in the course of their jobs. Apart from all the physical duties they are required to fulfil, there is also a colossal strain on mental health for those anxious about staying as safe as possible within their working environments such care home settings and residential homes.

We have so much we can be grateful for when the carers are doing a fantastic job to look after our most vulnerable in later years, so we can say without hesitation, they are literally saving lives and owe them a big debt of gratitude – not only by working long hours to ensure physical wellbeing in their patients but in many cases keeping their spirits up frequently through banter and companionship during what for us all is a difficult time. 

When we talk about carers this includes home helps, volunteers and carers looking after a family member who we don’t hear as much about in the media.                                     

These are just some of tasks any one carer would be expected to do in one day: 

  • Assisting in what could be a lengthy routine of getting any one person out of bed, dressing them and helping them downstairs each day. In the evening, the reverse often happens by ensuring they are safely tucked away back in bed again.
  • Washing, dressing and toileting them each day.
  • Grooming patients so they feel comfortable.
  • Making meals often under the pressure of time.
  • Navigating the complicated medicine requirements which may include collecting prescriptions while making sure they are taken on time.
  • Shopping for essentials on a regular basis.

A Home Help might well help in other areas of everyday chores which are equally essential for the wellbeing of the client e.g. Cleaning, gardening, washing up and laundry.

But there is so much more that they all do which most of the above is just the tip of the iceberg. Many will treat each of their patients as individuals they are, and will cheerfully with the dignity they deserve.

Something to think about once this crisis is over?


If your carer is no longer visiting because of COVID-19, Age Concern Colchester and NE Essex can help depending on the amount of care needed.

We are aware of the following situations of concern –

  • Being stuck indoors because of COVID-19
  • Difficulties with getting to the shops
  • When your carer is no longer visiting
  • Struggling with essential house-hold chores
  • Being unable to bath regularly or not at all
  • Getting up in the morning
  • Finding cooking for yourself too much of a strain
  • Needing someone to live-in so they can support you
  • To be as independent as possible to stay out of a care home
  • Anxiety about falling with no-one about to help
  • Answering the door promptly without accident as soon as someone calls

Getting a friend or a loved one the right care can be a stressful experience at the best of times. Age Concern has started the Care Support Service with you in mind. and we can help in any of the following areas.

If you have referrals for our Care Support 

phone 01206 368420 Option 1

To fill in the form for assistance: https://www.ageconcerncolchester.org.uk/care-support/