Owen Gosling Announces The Essex Way Campaign

Due to the Coronavirus, Age Concern Colchester & NE Essex has suffered hugely, both financially and logistically. So this year we have decided to do another challenge and it will be Owen, Harrison and Tom this time. 

This years focus is on supporting the veterans of our elderly community, this year is a big year for them.

We have decided to take on the challenge of walking the 81 Mile Length of Essex in 3 days, in military equipment, to support the community. 

“As our veterans once walked across the world for us, we will walk across Essex for them.”

You can donate on Owen’s gofundme page where he hopes to reach as much as £6,000 pounds for services dedicated to later years around NE Essex:

You can pledge money by clicking through here

What is the Essex Way? Why have we chosen it?

The Essex way is an 81 mile cross country walk following many ancient paths across Essex. It spans the length of Essex from Epping to Harwich through Picture perfect Villiges and hamlets.

All 3 of us are from the North East of Essex , so with travel restrictions in place, this year we decided it would be logistically more sensible to complete a challenge on our home soil after lockdown.

Hopefully, last year as Owen shared the beauty of Scotland with the world, this year we can share the beauty of Essex with the world!

Essex has also had a rich military history dating back to the first capital City of England being in Colchester (camoludunum) 2000 years ago, ever since then there has been a military presence in Essex, with countless ancient cultures all conquering each other over this sacred land. 

At the height of the war Essex had 23 Air force stations, now luckily we have no need for them due to the sacrifice of generations before us.

Today we have 16th Air assault brigade based in Colchester, an elite airborne fighting force with the mission of being the first into battle and succeeding. Many of our modern forces are currently in active combat, peacekeeping operations overseas and deployed with the Covid response force. To them we have immense gratitude.

It is with great honour this year that we can celebrate the peace brought by our veterans and represent them as we raise money for Age Concern Colchester and NE Essex.

What About the Current COVID-19 Restrictions?

We are in full support of the Government and public health Englands advice and will adhere to the regulations for as long as it takes for society to recover.

This challenge will not go ahead unless it is completely safe to do so and all requirements in our risk assessment are met! (with some wiggle room)

Therefore if restrictions are extended, no big deal! The challenge can wait until after.

In the meantime any donations to support Age Concern, in it’s most testing time to date, are greatly appreciated and will go a long way!

Introducing the Team!

Owen Gosling: 

Please donate if you can and show some support, we thank you in advance for your generosity.

Age Concern fundraiser. -Completed the 2019 Isle of Arran Challenge. Employed full time at the Colchester Sixth Form College and 2 years service in the Worship Company Of Security Professionals. “I love exploring Science and History so walking through the countryside is a blessing”, “I am looking forward to exploring the rich history of Harwich along the Essex way”

Harrison Burns:

New Age Concern Fundraiser.

Born and bred in Colchester, Harrison is currently Studying International Relations at the University of York and is an OCdt in the Yorkshire Officer Training Regiment in the British Army Reserves. With his ambition to go on and complete his training and gain a commision to become a British Army Officer. He also works seasonally in the Community at Colchester Zoo and has also acted as the representative for the region of both Essex and Hertfordshire on the National Citizen Service Trust, National Youth Board. “I can’t wait to make the walk from east to west across this historic county with such a rich history “

Tom Benson:

New Age Concern fundraiser.

-” I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, running and climbing and is an adult instructor with the Army Cadet Force. I’m looking forward to the challenge of walking across Essex!”

We are a group of longtime friends looking to find success in this huge challenge. We want to support our outstanding elderly veterans and raise as much money as we can for Age Concern! Please show as much support as possible