Advice from Essex Police about Criminal Activity During Lockdown

Fraudsters and criminals exploiting the old and vulnerable are operating during the lockdown so we are advised to be vigilant and adhere to the guidance below:

A fraudster will either pose as a collector for a charity they’ve made up, or they misuse the name of a genuine, often well-known, charity. The money you donate doesn’t go to charity; the fraudsters keep it for themselves. 
Remember, charities always need to be registered and have a license if they’re collecting money. If the charity is genuine, check the collection is authorised, too. Call the charity directly or look them up using a phone book or a website (don’t accept websites or numbers provided by a collector). If in doubt, tell the collector you’ll donate directly to the charity yourself .

Criminals are exploiting the coronavirus outbreak, and preying on people’s worries and concerns, by selling fake or overpriced services to the elderly and most vulnerable or selling fake medical products which they claim can treat or prevent coronavirus. If someone is pressurising you or a family member into accepting a service they are unlikely to be genuine.

Criminals are targeting people looking to buy medical supplies online, sending emails offering fake medical support and scamming people who may be vulnerable or increasingly isolated at home. These frauds try to lure you in with offers that look too good to be true, such as high return investments and ‘healthcare opportunities’, or make appeals for you to support bogus charities or those who are ill.

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