Dementia Action: Sundowning Behaviours

Sundowning is a set of behaviours which are typically encountered at twilight from a person with dementia arising from a sense of disorientation especially when the hour of sunset is adjusted like the recent change to British Summer Time.

The confusion might represent a source of anxiety for any patient used to a routine, some beginning to show signs of discomfort and later agitation as time goes by. This could lead to a combination of the more extreme symptoms linked with dementia such as shouting, pacing and violent actions all depending on the severity of the condition. Dementia UK has provided this useful document outlining how time displacement from Sundowning can affect dementia significantly and what can be done to alleviate some of its worst symptoms.


Here in Essex we are all aim to improve awareness about dementia and the deeper understanding of this condition. So we at Age Concern Colchester and NE Essex have been proud to work alongside our partner organisations who are taking a similar approach to us over Dementia action. If we work together we will be better able to understand and learn about Dementia in all its forms and support our community accordingly.

The Tendring Dementia Action Alliance is led by Christine Horn and Jane Diplock. If you have any questions for them or would like to get involved you can e-mail him here:

[email protected]

[email protected]

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