Watch Out Fraudsters are About

If you or someone you know is vulnerable and has been a victim of fraud, please call Essex Police on 101.

Report fraud or attempted fraud by contacting Action Fraud or call 0300 123 2040.


There are currently numerous bogus emails and text messages circulating, appearing to come from official bodies, such as the Government, World Health Organisation and US Centre for Disease control. They contain links which are designed to download malicious software (i.e. viruses) to your device, or to take you to a website that will collect your personal and financial details.

There are a variety of forms these emails can take, some of which are shown below. These can include:

  • Offering a tax rebate
  • Demanding payment of a fine
  • Asking for donations
  • Linking to a map of the spread of Coronavirus

The advice remains the same – if an email is unexpected do not click on any links, simply delete the email. 

Use the ABC approach:

Never Assume they are legitimate.

Never Believe they are legitimate.

Always Confirm using a trusted number or asking friends and family.