Kindness really counts for the most isolated during Corona Outbreak

Over the coming months, being aware of the elderly, frail and vulnerable has never been more crucial and as a community we can all do our part to check in with our elderly neighbours so that they are not forgotten while Corona Virus is with us in the UK.

There are those living alone who might need to go into isolation and possibly throughout the spring and summer months, shielded from community as part of the government’s proposed phased strategy. For those feeling lonely, isolation can be challenging enough at the best of times. Please consider whether your older neighbours, family and friends have everything they need. So that nobody is ever completely cut off, it is important that any individual person’s support networks are as robust as possible during what is an extremely challenging time. Perhaps volunteer to help a neighbour out who is stuck at home, offer to pick up some shopping, collect their medications or chat online if necessary. During the coming months kindness will really count!