No more falling? We have just the bath-time remedy!

Those of you who long for mobile independence in later years will want to lessen the risk of having a fall. Having a long soak in the bath might prove to be an unacceptable risk if you are anxious about having an accident getting in and out of the tub.

You can now take steps to prevent bathing disability.

1/3 of elderly adults find it difficult to position themselves into the bath for fear of hitting the side on the way. So an Accessible Bath will be a much more gentle solution.

Well we have just the deal for you – this bath has a street value of about £10,000 pounds, but we can sell it to you good as new for £5,000. The installation is approximately £1,000 although the exact quote would be dependant on the property and how easy the installation is.

If you are interested email: [email protected] or 01206 368420 option 4 for a phonecall.

All reasonable offers are considered. For spec see graphic below.