Simple Acts of Kindness over Christmas will do the World of Good

Communities are not just built of bricks and mortar, they involve the real lives of people who live inside them. It’s easy to bandy about words like compassion, empathy and companionship however practice does makes perfect. Kindness is the one gift you can give away at Christmas freely with the added satisfaction of making someone in later years feel happier, particularly if you can stick around long enough to find out.While public transport runs down over the Christmas season, while cold weather sinks in, while people turn to their families, think about an elderly neighbours that you know, it could be someone vulnerable stuck home alone, perhaps an individual taking comfort from their own selection of Christmases past: fond memories when family and friends were present, with feelings of inclusion and connection.

It’s easy to keep the Christmas spirit alive and kicking with the following simple acts of kindness.

1. Acknowledge someone when you are out and about. A simple greeting will go a long way and maybe make their day.

2. For an elderly relative who lives alone, give them a call particularly if you won’t see them over Christmas.

3. Community events are helpful meeting place for a festive get-together like the Age Concern Colchester: 

4. A Christmas Card is always a great way of showing someone you are thinking of them over Christmas!

5. Pass around the Christmas grub. A mince pie feast will tend to get tongues wagging.

6. Invite someone over for Christmas Dinner, maybe someone in later years who you know could do with the company.

7. Having a Christmas party? Perhaps invite a neighbour around or two around for some Christmas fun.

8. Donate to Age Concern Festive Fundraiser so we can make a future Christmas much easier for those in later years who are not as fortunate as ourselves:

9. Have you considered befriending someone lonely or vulnerable? We are making a big push throughout the borough to recruit as many people as possible before Christmas so make a new friend today: