Age Concern Winter Fundraiser Please Donate

It’s never easy to predict what life has in store for us. Though life may be kind, it can also gradually take away too. About 928,000 older people feel lonelier at this time, 2/5s of whom have been widowed. But there are many other reasons someone elderly might be feeling lonely especially during the feel good season, be it due to health or for monetary reasons, so support us so we can do all we can to help make sure the future is as comfortable as possible for all our vulnerable residents around NE Essex.

Thank you.

Our work reaches the neediest in society who are lonely, bereaved, with dementia and in poverty. We are working on opening an office in Jaywick but we need support to do so. Please consider your giving as we are a local independent charity so every penny is locally invested. We return £8.55 of good for every £1 you donate as independently assessed. With new intergenerational iniatives promised for the new year, the future can be bright.

Ways To Donate

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