What Does Kindness Mean to You?

Kindness is something we could all do with a little more of these days. An act of kindness needn’t be a massive life changing event but can often appear as a small random act given to a loved one or maybe a passer-by in need.

Some deeds often stem from a compassionate nature and for some of the most selfless, they might even be prepared to go without really knowing how they’ve helped. Indeed, it’s an established fact that kindness in the face of the many of life’s challenges certainly can reflect back positively onto the giver with added benefits on physical and mental wellbeing given there is a high exchange on happiness too. Take it from us, the endorphin kick will be much more longer lasting after doing something truly wonderful for a stranger than one will ever feel from being unjustly critical towards someone. Many have been taken by surprise with random acts of kindness but sometimes it’s also the giver who has experienced an unexpected boost to their mood. This two-way street arrangement often changes the way anybody tends to feel about themselves especially if they discover their morale has vastly improved because of something kind they had done during the day. Looking outwards instead of inwards is a great way to ward off depression and anxiety.

Certain acts of kindness will bring solace during a difficult time and some of the ideas we have had at Age Concern have meant being spontaneous e.g. a sudden supply of Christmas Hampers or the delivery of a baking tray of food presented to a vulnerable resident over the festive season. Similarly, over the years we have been happy to offer a listening ear if people want to discuss their every-day problems on a daily basis on the phone when we are taking calls. Since 1950 Age Concern NE Essex has considered itself a caring family of colleagues working to make life better, so with an ethos of support encouraging kindness to one another, we would love for visitors who come through our doors to feel just as valued with the same sense of belonging we all feel.

The equation of Kindness will always lead to human connection be it straight away or some way down the line. As opportunities calls to reach out further afield across communities over the UK, there can only be less loneliness in the world especially when there is a greater correspondence between the residents on home ground such as NE Essex.

While people say that kindness can slow down the ageing process, there is much to contemplate by undertaking kind deeds towards those in later years particularly in the case of families have looked after us through both good and bad times. Your contribution might be as simple as asking if a friend or loved one is ok, asking for advice, showing respect by keeping a promise and last but no means least, accepting diversity from person to person. However, speaking to someone who is a vulnerable or lonely on a regular basis for a few hours each week is a wonderful way to start. 

For volunteering and befriending opportunities click through: https://www.ageconcerncolchester.org.uk/how-you-can-help/volunteer-opportunities/