Chiropody and Foot Care – Socks

Socks may not be considered the most visible item of clothing you will wear throughout the day but they sure have an impact on foot care because they are in constant contact with your skin. We have been brainstorming for our blog a list of criteria to look out for next time you are choosing socks. Happy hunting!

  • Beware of socks that are too tight. If you have poor circulation they could put pressure on your leg. We are referring to those socks which are elasticated around the top or with ridges around the inside. 
  • White socks are ideal as they will show up injuries from sores or cuts which may otherwise have gone unnoticed. 
  • Change socks every day to avoid problems with hygiene and bad smells. 
  • Socks come in a variety of materials but cotton and wool are the most likely to keep your feet at the right temperature so you are comfortable. Take into account your feet need to breathe. 
  • If you are into sports, you can purchase specially designed socks measured by the width of your foot and ankle. 
  • For swollen ankles, bear in mind the sock must be able to allow for extra room when measuring up. 
  • Numb feet caused by pins and needles or by neuropathy could feel better wearing smooth socks without the rough seams chaffing your skin. You might resort to turning the sock inside out to avoid heavy rubbing. 
  • There are a variety of socks that can be adapted to any size or surfaces; some of which can be padded for comfort.

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