Ideas to While Away Spring Days

Spring Days in Colchester

Make the most of the warmer weather this spring. For your reference is a list of activities to do in Colchester appropriate to this time of year.

1. A walk around Castle Park

Open air venues are always a good start: An extra hour of sunlight brings with it an increase in Vitamin D which will lower stress and depression. 

Near the park there are disabled car parking spaces adjacent to the park on the High Street and Castle Street. Along the flat tarmac paths you can travel to most destinations in the park. Beware of the steps in the fish pond area, and going up to the bandstand podium.

Colchester Park

2. Eating Out in Colchester

Why not eat out on the town. If happiness is what you seek, go with friends and soak up some of those feel-good vibes while sharing a meal together:

Restaurants in Colchester Trip Advisor

3. Enjoy tourist attractions

Visit Colchester Assessible Venues

Go and see the sites of Colchester and soak up the historical aspects of the town like the imposing Colchester Castle. Around Colchester mobility need not be a problem as there are plenty of venues offering wheelchair access including those supporting visitors with a disability. If you need wheelchair access find out what facilities are available from Visit Colchester below. 

Colchester Castle

Colchester Museums

Colchester Zoo

4. Fishing Trip

Fishing may be an ideal choice for many of you in later years because the activity doesn’t necessarily depend on standing up for too long. It’s a great way to relax, wind down and meet other fellow outdoor enthusiasts eager to bag the catch of the day.

Fishing in Highwoods County Park

5. Places to arrange a picnic.

Picnics are a good excuse to pursue outdoor activities in the company of others but best of all, eating in the fresh wide open encourages families, friends, fun and games though for some, forty winks in the sun or a good book is just as splendid.

The Best Picnic Spots in Colchester

6. Go see a show. 

Colchester is the home of two wonderful theatres. Time to wear your glad-rags as there is always plenty to watch at the Headgate and Mercury theatres in town. Whatever your choice of entertainment you are guaranteed a thrilling night out.

The Mercury Theatre

The Headgate Theatre

7. Invest in a bird feeder for bird watching.

Have you thought of building an Avery from scratch? However, you don’t have to be that ambitious, a bird seed container in the garden is just as effective for a bird watching session. Bird boxes are very popular and you can find out how to obtain one from the RSPB.

Build a RSPB Birdbox

8. Start the spring cleaning.

You can give your home a well deserved makeover this Spring. You never know, something you thought forever lost might come to light again.

9. Plant an herb garden. 

Are you cooking with style? Start growing a herb garden with your favourite spices. Dinner guests will sure to be back for more when they sample those home-grown flavours in your food. 

Gardening Know How

10. Visit a nursery. 

Nursery gardens are a great place to purchase shrubs to help beautify your indoors. The store will be sure to sell a selection of colourful indoor and outdoor plants to cheer up any room around the house. Some venues include other attractions and restaurants so make it a great day out with the family.

Perrywood Gardens Tiptree

Beth Chatto Gardens

11. Watch out on the Food Network for spring recipes:

The Food Network

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