The rise of the Trekking Pole and Nordic Walking

Back in the 1930s, ski coaches reached a Eureka moment after searching for a solution to the difficulties training the Finnish olympic team during the off season months. They suggested the use of trekking poles to support walking without snow, hence the name Nordic Walking. Nowadays, the use of trekking poles for walking outside is gaining in popularity across all age groups. If they are held correctly, the poles can take off some of the strain from the legs so for those with less mobility walking outside becomes less challenging. 

One of the key features of trekking poles are the safety aspect. When gripping a pole in each hand, the upper and the lower body is balanced. As walking with them does not involve jumping or sudden movements, this is the perfect way to prevent falling or slipping. The poles are also good for a range of surfaces whether they are smooth, or possibly a little uneven like those encountered on a ramble in the countryside.

In later years a full muscle workout is an ideal way to keep active on a regular basis. Experts suggest Nordic walking exercises more than 50 percent of your total muscles at any one time, including the leg and core muscles which are essential for walking efficiently. Because the strain is equally spread throughout the whole body, the effort is much less compared with walking unaided. Trekking poles are designed to give you the confidence to go further for longer periods of time provided the appropriate warm ups and cool down exercises are followed. The poles will usually come with an easy to follow instructions pack straight from the box while practice regimes can be obtained over the internet.

For someone in later years, Nordic walking with trekking poles is a great way to support a healthy lifestyle with users discovering they are more likely to do the following with regular use:  

  • keep their spine aligned with improved posture.
  • reduce the loss of their bone density throughout the ageing process.
  • maintain a healthy cardio-vascular system.
  • relieve neck shoulder and back pain.
  • increase muscle flexibility.
  • reduce the risk of Osteoporosis.

If you have lately invested in a set of Trekking poles, it is recommended to start walking with a group as for some, the poles might take a while to get used to. With Nordic Walking groups around Essex and Colchester, there will be many opportunities to meet new people, share something in common and learn form each other about technique, with all the fun of being outside in the fresh air. Reassured by the added safety the poles afford, many more people are taking to the green fields of Essex in greater numbers than ever before.

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