The 5 Age Concern ‘Volunteer take-aways’

Volunteer work isn’t just about doing a good deed – it will have far reaching implications both for the volunteer and the community as a whole.

Giving up your spare time to help other people is an entirely selfless act when supporting the most vulnerable. As volunteers are so valuable to any charitable organisation, they are essential in all aspects of day to day activity. In short, we couldn’t do it without you. Below are the 5 Age Concern volunteer take-aways we hope you will appreciate are a worthwhile return on your work – Passion, Agelessness, Prospects, Inspiration and Friendship.

Passion: If you are considering volunteering for an organisation like Age Concern Colchester, being passionate about improving living conditions for the vulnerable, alleviating poverty and combatting loneliness for senior citizens is a perfect start. Some volunteers have stated that by giving something back to the community creates for them, a real sense of accomplishment and self worth.

Agelessness: Though for some of you, it won’t come as a surprise, volunteering is good for mental health especially from middle age onwards when at times one’s confidence could do with a bit of a boost. Many of our elderly volunteers have reported having increased their physical activity over each week, leading to a new lease of life and a sense of purpose.

Prospects: Volunteering offers new career paths for those wishing to learn new skills or gain experience doing something away from the pressures of employment. The statistical evidence shows that out of 200 top companies, 73 percent CEOs indicated they would be more likely to employ candidates who had previously volunteered in a related field of work. There is also the possibility for those who have volunteered for a long time to move on into contracting and paid roles.

Inspiration: Those who have been working within the community have stated being inspired by the people they have supported. Many have experienced a fresh perspective on life sometimes just from having a conversation with someone they had been helping on a regular basis. In some cases, while learning more about the everyday struggles of the most vulnerable, volunteers find the time spent befriending life changing. Just as any community is strengthened by people working together for a worthy cause, the volunteers have expressed feeling equally empowered by giving their time helping others.

Friendship: Whilst volunteers work extremely hard to improve the status of a diverse range of Colchester’s older residence, many do it for the sheer enjoyment of working with others – enthusiasm is infectious. Finding new interests and hobbies is fun, relaxing and energising too. Volunteering provides so many opportunities to make new friends: people to swap stories and share your own unique piece of life. You never need feel lonely when you are volunteering and that’s what it’s really all about for us at Age Concern Colchester.


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