Five ways to wellbeing: Learning

For combating loneliness and #StayingWell in later years: 4 – Learning

Learning is a lifelong experience, for who could ever claim that they know everything? As far as the five ways to wellbeing is concerned, to learn is not just dealing with facts and knowledge, but is also about discovering things about ourselves through what we are capable of. In later years, yes there are challenges, but overcoming obstacles makes for being willing to try again to be better despite failures along the way. To find out about your true potential you could try something different or through learning a new skill from scratch. For those brushing up on what they thought had been long forgotten, why not rekindle your enthusiasm to keep going and try out a club or group doing a similar activity? The positive impact on mental health and wellbeing will be considerable. While we are forever updating our mind-palace of ideas, memories of friends and loved ones with the information stored inside, our story will never be really complete. So keeping the mind trim through activity is a way of being healthy both physically and moreover, mentally stimulated.

So in a nut shell, here are the positive head’s up. Life long learning:

  • increases self esteem from achievable goals.
  • encourages social interaction possibly through learning a new skill simaultaenously.
  • derives a sense of hope, direction and purpose looking forward along our own time line.
  • relieves stress and is a distraction away from rumination over failure.

We have plenty of clubs and societies here at the Veranda where you can learn something new. Don’t be afraid if you haven’t tried a particular activity before, individuals learn from a volunteer with more experience. As time goes on, people learn from one another.

Age Concern Colchester – Clubs and Friendship groups:

Something else you might want to consider to learn a new skill or to meet other people. They offer a number of courses designed for people in their later years.

University of the Third Age Colchester: