Five ways to wellbeing: Giving

For combating loneliness and #StayingWell in later years: 3 – Giving

For that feel good factor, showing kindness to someone or giving up your time to make someone’s day, you will discover another of the five ways to wellbeing – a feeling of accomplishment derived from making a difference; even better than a fresh cup of coffee!

There are several versions of how ‘giving’ is important to our health which some have described as a remarkable panacea to life’s trials and tribulations.  

  • It won’t come as a surprise that volunteering improves wellbeing especially from middle age onwards when at times one’s confidence could do with a bit of a boost. Many of our older volunteers at Age Concern have reported experiencing increasing physical activity with a renewed sense of purpose about their lives when they help others. With so many roles to choose from there is so much you can do to help us in our vision to improve quality of life and alleviate poverty throughout Colchester: 
  • For a charity organisation there are three big ways you can support us: volunteering time to help out, donating money and offering support:
  • Both large and small acts of kindness count for so much. Research has stated that genuine happiness is directly linked to the compassionate nature. From being positive and looking outward one can stave off depression and improve mental health.
  • Within any community a shared sense of responsibility will encourage co-operation. Hopefully more often than not, if someone elderly is alone and vulnerable, people will notice in time to say ‘we have your back’. This is specially important during the wintertime when the NHS is running at full capacity. Read our blog about wintertime vigilance:
  • Connecting socially is a form of giving – making someone smile is a fantastic way to derive satisfaction from doing something good. Some say that complimenting others and giving praise is a great way to raise confidence in both the people you love and yourselves simultaneously. Showing you care enough to know when a friend is struggling could be the cue to offer a helping hand should they need it or find time to listen. In that case, you might consider becoming a Befriender and make a new friend. For more details:

For more information on the five ways to wellbeing on the Livewell website: