Five ways to wellbeing: Taking notice

For combating loneliness and #StayingWell in later years: 2 – Taking notice

As we travel through life what would happy memories be like if we didn’t stop to notice them? Even every day activities have a significance through renewing our awareness about what’s actually going on around us. As one of the five ways to wellbeing, ‘taking notice’ is the one most likely to improve anxiety, also to sort out life’s problems into lots of smaller more manageable compartments. If just for a moment we could swap all of our health problems and financial worries for a walk in the fresh air, a day out with a friend or belonging to a friendship club, life might be so much easier.

There are many different reasons for being ‘mindful’ or living in the moment which modern psychologist are constantly encouraging us to practise. 

  1. Briefly taking note of your environment right now could help reduce worries and anxieties in the future. By taking notice now there is at the least the possibility of a well deserved break from all the rigours of a hectic life instead of thinking negatively about what could go wrong next. Reflection on these experiences can make physical challenges seem less daunting, to be less inclined to anticipate failure leading to a more positive frame of mind. 
  1. Taking notice means engaging with the outside world; Making a new friend; learning something new or just giving to a good cause. It’s a great way to appreciate oneself and to spend time celebrating who we are now by accentuating the positive.
  1. Being physically active as possible is a good way to clear the head. Some of us will gain in confidence if we are able to stay out and about for longer. Mindfulness teaches us to be more self aware and promotes the motivation to change in future. 

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