Combating Loneliness at Christmas












What is it can you do to help combat loneliness during the run up to Christmas?

Some things to think about as we approach Christmas:

1. Acknowledge someone when you are out and about. A simple greeting will go a long way and maybe make their day.

2. For an elderly relative who lives alone, give them a call particularly if you won’t see them over Christmas.

3. Community events are helpful meeting place for a festive get-together like the Age Concern Colchester Christmas Fair on December 14th:…/christmas-fete-d…/

4. A Christmas Card is always a great conversation starter!

5. Pass around the Christmas grub. A mince pie feast will tend to get tongues wagging.

6. Invite someone over for Christmas Dinner, maybe someone in later years who you know could do with the company.

7. Having a Christmas party? Perhaps invite a neighbour around or two around for some Christmas fun.

8. Donate to the Age Concern Winter Warmth campaign so we can make this the cosiest Christmas ever for those in later years who are not as fortunate as us:…/

9. Have you considered befriending someone lonely or vulnerable? We are making a big push throughout the borough to recruit as many people as possible before Christmas so make a new friend today:…/volunteer-befriender-cGmK1qs…