What is your perception of Later Years?

Glass half full or half empty: What is your perception of later years?

Nowadays people are living much longer and the later years are more likely to inhabit a much broader period in our lives than ever before. Around Colchester residents over 90 years of age have risen by as much as 42.3% in a ten year period. This longevity has occurred in step with a perceptible shift in attitude away from traditional stereotypical views of old age as a negative experience, representative of people who unhappily exist alone, possibly forgotten and neglected by society. Although the issues of poverty along with loneliness do remain serious problems in which we strive to combat, we could celebrate old age as quite possibly the most fulfilling time of life from greater exploration and self-learning. Fortunately, many more of us in later years are indeed perusing and more willing to participate in a wide variety of interests including sporting and leisure activities, good for the health while increasing our wellbeing as time goes by. Let the adventure continue…….