Walking can be whatever you want it to be

Continuing our theme for National Walking Month, we would like to draw your attention to walking football.

Over the age 65 it is vital to remain as active for as long and as much possible? Without regular exercise, those things you loved to do before could become more difficult as time goes by. As we are all different, you can do as little or as much as you feel capable of doing but you certainly don’t have to be the next Daley Thompson.

Walking can include all kinds of things – including some favourite sporting activities like football. For a gentle kick-around and no slide tackles, Walking Football might be just your cup of tea!

For Colchester’s version of the game care of Colchester United football Club, there are more details on the website of the next event here: event. If that doesn’t persuade you, what about finding out more about the many health benefits of Walking Football which you can find here: https://thewfa.co.uk/health-benefits/