Are you stuck at home?

With the extremely cold weather still circling the UK, if you are stuck indoors, there are things you can do in the meantime to look after yourself over the next few days:

Older people are being advised not to open their bedroom windows at night as the cold air could aggravate existing health conditions like asthma, chest infections, heart attack and strokes.

Wearing several layers of clothes is a handy way to trap heat.

If you can move about, this helps to raise your body temperature, so keep moving if you can. Find a way to move about at home by doing chores as usual and walking around, perhaps getting up to prepare a drink. For those who are unable to walk, chair based exercise is a great way to be active because you can move limbs about and generate more heat whilst seated.

Make sure you eat well and eat at least one hot meal a day and then maybe a hot drink before bed will help keep you warm overnight. Most of all, try and eat enough to keep you going.

For more tips, the NHS website is a great help during this Winter chill: