Volunteer & Career Opportunities

Volunteering is a hugely rewarding thing to do. We…

Emotional Support 01206 368420

Call option 2 For Help

We recognise your need for support at this time when lots of services are not running normally. Speak to our emotional support team who can listen and help direct you to the support you need at this difficult time

Befriending Support 01206 368420

Call option 3 To Link to a Befriender

Help Someone Through COVID-19 With a Weekly Phone Call

Can you spare 1 hour or more a week to talk to someone who is lonely, having to isolate at home alone and is perhaps scared of what is going on? Call today or click here to Become a Volunteer

Welfare, Advice & Support 01206 368420

Call option 4 For Help With Forms and Advice

Forms can be lengthy, complex and often confusing. Our advice team are here to pick up the pieces. Whilst we are not able to visit in the home right now we can work through the forms by completing them for you by interview over the phone. Contact us today to get the support you need.

Dementia Support 01206 368420

Option 5 For Help

Living with Dementia can be a challenge. The lock down introduces even more challenges. Call and speak to our advisor who can guide you through some practical hints and tips to try and help at this time.

Can you help us keep our services running for people in great need?

To keep the wheels turning at this time we need your help. Please consider a monthly donation to help us develop our work looking after the most vulnerable in society